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Introduction to Facebook Ads – A simple start to what ads to run

Facebook advertising is overwhelming, never mind the fact Facebook are constantly changing how ads are setup or achieve results. You would be hard pressed to find any business that wouldn’t benefit from Facebook ads, Facebooks audience targeting offers the chance to get your business in front of exactly who you need to.

Facebook campaigns should consist of a number of different ads. No one ad that will cover every potential customer, it’s impossible. So where to start? After your Facebook pixel is installed on your website and gathering visistor information, consider these ads for your first campaign:

  1. Build Awareness An ad to target people who have not yet visited your website or Facebook page. These ads tend to be generic, giving a wide showcase of your products or services and encourage visitors to click through to your website to learn more.
  2. Re-Target Potentials Setup an ad to then target people who have visited your website but not contacted or purchased from you. This ad may again have generic contact or alternatively target exactly what the visitor was looking at through a number of sub-ads.
  3. Abandoned Cart (eCommerce websites) Once your visitor has added something to cart but not checked out, target them with an abandoned cart ad reminding them what they have left behind so you don’t miss a potential sale.
  4. Specific Campaign Ad Consider running an ad when you have a new product or service release or sale. These ads may have a very short running time and you can target both potential customers and re-target existing.

Building your Digital marketing plan should incorporate at least some of the above Facebook ads as well as other complimentary actions such as newsletters, blog posts and more. Facebook ads always go through a learning phase when first setup – don’t expect miracles on your first go, and they should be a long-term plan with adjustments along the way.

Important factors in achieving good results from Facebook ads apart from it looking good include having the Facebook pixel correctly installed on your website, setting up correct target audiences and running with a suitable budget for the ad among others. Of course you could just contract a Facebook Ads specialist to setup your ads for you.

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