Customising Shopify Gift Cards

Custom edited Shopify Gift Card design

The need for Customising Shopify Gift Cards is on the rise. In April 2020, Shopify enabled Gift Cards on all plans as a result of COVID-19.¬†Announced as a temporary feature, Gift Cards were previously not available on the “Basic” plan and was one of the biggest draw cards to upgrading to the “Shopify” plan.

The Shopify Gift Cards are not perfect though. The customisation of the design and delivery seems to have had an oversight by Shopify. Customising the design and giving and redeeming the Gift Cards is over-complicated.

Once your Gift Cards are enabled in the dashboard, they are setup as a “Gift Card” each denomination as a variant. On sale of a gift card, an automatic email is sent to the purchaser with a unique code which they then forward to the receiver.

By default this email does not include instructions on redeeming the voucher, so include in the product description, FAQs and by editing the email text. Also ensure you include clearly that the Gift Card will only be delivered to the purchaser only and they need to forward onto the receiver.

The process of delivering the gift card to the purchaser with no option to send directly to the receiver seems illogical. The latest updates from Shopify as of June 2020 show they have no intention of changing how this works.

Default Shopify Gift Card
Default Shopify Gift Card

Editing the Default Gift Card Image

The default image included in the email is a red card with white bow (as above). Editing this image requires overly complicated changes to the template file code, with a tutorial available on Shopify’s website. Beware one wrong keystroke and things across your website could go horribly wrong. Keep backups of your work before you make any changes.

Editing the Default Shopify Gift Cards Email Text

Editing the default Gift Card text is slightly easier. In the Shopify dashboard visit Online Store -> Themes -> Edit languages -> Gift Card and make your text changes there.

Looking for more customising of your Shopify Gift Cards?

Even after changing the default Gift Card email image and text, the email still remains bland. Without knowledge of editing code, this is as far as the average Shopify owner will progress too. To fully customise your Gift Cards further you will need to engage a developer.

Custom edited Shopify Gift Card design
Customised Shopify Gift Card for client French Cargo

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