Best WordPress Plugins – Email Log

With over 56,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin directory, finding the right plugins for a WordPress website can be difficult to navigate. Each site has it’s own specific needs based on the site functions, but there are some plugins such as Email Log that can benefit any WordPress or WooCommerce site.

Email Log is a free simple plugin that allows you to log and view all automatic emails sent through your WordPress site, including any WooCommerce emails. 

This little handy plugin comes into its own when debugging email issues on WordPress and during testing. From the simple table, you can filter, sort and view any emails sent to your customers and admin including based on date, email, subject etc.

The plugin has a number of premium paid-for add-ons, but these aren’t necessary for the general function of the plugin. If you don’t purchase any of the premium add-ons just remember you will need to delete any old logs you no longer want to keep manually.

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Information is correct at time of posting. Before installing, ensure the plugin is still kept up to date and on the correct PHP and WooCommerce versions.

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