Six tips to creating a cohesive Instagram feed

Creating a cohesive look to your Instagram feed is all about a little bit of planning about how you want to present your brand’s identity. Create your own style guideline following our 5 quick tips to create your own instantly-better Instagram feed.

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#1 Theme

The theme used for your feed has the biggest impact on the overall look and feel of your Instagram feed. As the starting point, take some time to identify your style, from your website, business collateral, your intended content, or if you are starting from scratch, have a look at some of your favourite (or competition) Instagram profiles you are drawn to… what is the common style that draws you to that feed?.

  1. Minimalist – very small colour palette with simple photography
  2. Monochrome – neutral greys, browns, black and white, requiring detailed photography
  3. Bold & Vibrant – colourful and fun
  4. Pastel – muted co-ordinating colours

Your theme creates a visual identify for your business and is used to select you colour palette and critical in keeping in mind when creating your content.

#2 Colour Palette

Keeping your chosen theme in mind, select your colour palette of 1-5 core colours including your brand colours. These core colours can be either specific colours or colour families (eg. Light blue) and should be featured throughout your content to create a cohesive and curated appearance to your feed.

Core colours can be featured a number of ways; in backdrops to product shots, little details within images, within stock images, backgrounds in text-based content such as memes and quotes and even in the clothing worn by subjects in your photography.

#3 Imagery Edits

With your colour palette and theme in mind, editing your imagery should also be consistent. Stick to using a similar brightness, contrast, saturation and exposure for your photo editing as well as just one or two filters for consistency. Select 1-2 fonts for all text-based content and create a standard layout for them, making sure to include your business Instagram handle or name.

#4 Grid style

Your grid style or layout, is where a bit of planning is needed and depending on the layout you choose dictates JUST how much thought needs to go into each and every post.

The layout of the basic grids; traditional, checkboard and diagonal are easy to maintain and the repetition simple.

The Rows, rainbow and puzzle grids however require a lot of planning and posting multiple-posts in batches to keep the layout pattern.

Traditional Grid

The “default” grid
Posting in no particular order

Checkerboard Grid

Effective, yet simple to maintain
Alternate photo-based and text-based posts

Diagonal Grid

Easy to maintain eye-catching layout
Two photo-based posts, followed by one text-based post

Row Grid

Warning: layout is broken while between the repetition of 6 posts
Groups of three photo-based posts, followed by three text-based posts

Column Grid

Groups of two photo-based posts, followed by a text-based post

Rainbow Grid

Content posted in groups of 9 or 12 with the same focus colour, then selecting a similar lighter/darker focus colour and beginning the pattern again.

Puzzle Grid

Requires very careful planning of content, split over columns and rows to create a puzzle effect. This grid is the most difficult and can easily be “ruined” by not posting in groups of 3, breaking the puzzle.

#5 Content

Now to fill your grid layout, you need content and lots of it to keep posting in your chosen pattern. We touch on this a lot more in our “What to Post” article, but here is a quick run-down of what you can include to fill your feeds:

  • Your business photos directly promoting your products/services. You probably already have these, but have another think if they need adjusting for your now defined theme and colour palette.
  • Text based posts including memes, quotes, tips, testimonials and FAQs on a solid coloured background to match your colour palette
  • Stock photography
  • Inspirational photographs (with credit)

Avoid placing the same or very similar photos next to each other, spread them out. This includes same exact colours, people with the same outfit on in each post, and the same layout.

#6 Schedule

The most important step in creating a cohesive Instagram feed, is putting all your chosen theme, colour palette, imagery edits and grid style to practice is by scheduling your content. Not only will it allow you to ensure your pattern repetition stays on track, but most scheduling programs such as Schedu.gram or Later among others, give you a chance to preview how your posts are going to look.

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